Summer Handblock Sarees Series

Every year during summers, the scorching heat makes everything uneasy. Selecting the proper fabric is very important as it can make one super sweaty or cause discomfort. Sarees are used widely in India and it can be quite tiresome to carry a heavy saree during the summer season. This doesn’t mean you can ditch sarees for your special occasions. What if we tell you about our versatile and lightweight linen sarees? Linen is the most comfortable and light fabric. This can be adorned throughout the year. However, using them for summer will be an excellent choice. 

We have a special handcrafted handblocked linen saree collection. You will get plenty of options to choose from our website. We would love to add some of our favorites here. We have curated some of our favorites in this article. 

Why choose our Linen Handblock Sarees?

They are the most comfortable, lightweight, breathable, hand block sarees by artisans. It is also durable and stronger than cotton. Every piece you see today is a team effort and every artisan has dedicated his/her precious time to carving the beauty for you all. They are hand block saree in handloom pure linen sarees. These make them perfect for summers.

What is so special about the Linen Handblock Sarees?

These beautiful pieces are inspired by Pichhwai Art. It is an age-old form of art widely done in Nathdwara, near Udaipur, Rajasthan. These paintings have Shrinathji (a form of Lord Krishna), cattle, lotus, etc.

How are these intricately gorgeous hand block sarees made?

Everything handcrafted requires time and dedication. It also significantly needs passion and patience. The process can never be explained in words but we would love to highlight it here for our readers. Every hand block is made of Sheesham Wood. The design or motif is carved with tools like chisels or carving tools, and ink. 

The blocks are usually available in sizes 7cm to 25cm. These are at times bigger with individual motif sizes being from a few mm to 10 cm. The design is then examined and approved by the carver. Make sure to read a detailed process on our Instagram Feed with the videos.

  • Navy Blue from the Harmonious Madness Collection 

True to its element, navy blue is a showstopper. Quite a royal color and can be used for evening special occasions. The dark color saree steals the show! The saree has hand block prints of Pichwai Art from Nathdwara. Grab some silver jewelry or statement chandbaali to complete the look. It is a combination of navy blue and silver. One can add a different color to enhance the saree look. Go for a pearl necklace or a bold pink potli bag. Style according to your choice 🙂 The list and ideas are endless!

  • Rose Pink from Heaven is Overflowed Collection

Heading out for work or late lunch? This Rose Pink Linen Saree is a must-have in your wardrobe. The lovely navy blue vertical and horizontal stripes make it quite a trend with the unique lotus figures on it. The feminine color will add a lively touch to the look. We are sure, this one will be loved by your girl gang for sure! Add your favorite pair of pearl or diamond earrings to enhance the look.

  • Mint Green from His Sacred Presence Collection

We all love shades of green. It embraces mother nature and makes one feel close to nature. This Mint Green Linen Saree is a simple yet appealing piece of beauty! It has a nice broad silver zigzag border zari. There are hand-blocked cattle, Shrinathji, and trees on it. Wear this one for a special occasion or puja with some colorful traditional or silk jewelry. This is quite a nice and subtle choice for the scorching summers too. 

  •  Lemon Yellow from Pourest Thy Full Heart Collection

We all know the importance of lemons when it comes to summer. Just like that this fashionable and eye-catching lemon yellow color contrasts so well with the peach-colored motifs. The flower and lotus motifs make for a nice contrast against this vibrant lemon yellow color. This Lemon Yellow Line Saree from Pourest thy full heart is a must-have! Wear this for a birthday party or a temple visit 🙂 We are sure people would start gazing at this piece of beauty!

  • Living Earth Beige Linen Saree

 Beige is quite an earthy color and stands out if you want a simple look. This saree can be the best gift to your mother or grandmother. Similarly, this can be used by women who would love to flaunt an easy mess-free look. Pair a nice traditional golden jhumkas or temple jewelry with this saree. The saree has beige as the base color with a peach and a golden zari border. This has lotus motifs all over with complete pallu with borders and cattle on it. 


We are sure you have picked your favorite from the above list. If you are still confused go ahead and check our collection. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts and share them with your friends too. 


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